just like a song in my heart.

just like a star across my sky.

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an angel off the page
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equals mikkyboom's writings.

"take a deep breath. let it out. do it again. can you hear your heart beat inside your chest? it rises falls rises falls rises falls and you know you're wishing that you could see yourself as the world sees you. everything about you is different and new and old and tainted and oh how you wish you could leave it all behind just for this one day to fall into the sky. your fingers reach out for that one star that never shines, that one sun that never forms, that one cloud that's never seen, that one idea that's never thought. your fingers reach and reach and your heart beats and beats and it's never enough, of course, never enough, but you sigh and close your eyes and you'll dream again tomorrow, dream this again tomorrow, and it'll be alright, it'll be okay, and now, now it's time to sleep." [keychains's writing and graphic comm]

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