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[fic] 4:36 a.m.

4:36 am.
g - shinchul
when it gets too cold to sleep alone and he's always there for you.

heechul doesn't make a sound as he slips into donghee's bed and rubs his cold feet against his warm thighs. the nights are getting longer and chillier and heechul finds that it's hard to be warm by himself.

"your feet are freezing." donghee's voice is a rumble in the dark, chocolate syrup over ice cream.

"that's why i'm here, shut up, i'm trying to sleep."

heechul presses his cheek into the curve of donghee's shoulders and warms his hands on donghee's hips.

note:  i was inspired because right now my house is freezing and i'm watching super show and wishing i had a shindong to keep me warm. <33333 someone point me in the direction of some awesome shindong, shinchul icons. please?
Tags: fandom: super junior, pairing: heechul/shindong, rating: g
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