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[fic] dressing room

Title: dressing room
Author: MikkyBoom
Rating: hard R
Pairing: eunjoo? lol [brian joo/eunhyuk]
Warnings(?): Uhmmm, smut?
Note: I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I watched this and apparently I have a kink for Eunhyuk with random people? Yeah, I don't know.

brian doesn't quite know what to think when two boys jump into his room and sing congratulations to him in accented english. it takes him a few seconds to realize that they're super junior, and it takes him some more seconds to remember their names -eunhyuk, sh-sungmin- but by the time he's done, they're finished singing and saying hello then saying goodbye.

he doesn't remember much except wide grins with gums and a pink beanie? 

he sings his heart out and the audience loves him and he's sweaty when he finishes and oh, more super junior members. he smiles and answers their questions and it's funny how they're all cute. 

brian likes it best when everyone's left his dressing room and the cameras are gone and his manager has given him a few minutes to just sit in silence before the braves the mass of fans to get to his car. the water bottle is cold in his hands and it's cold against his forehead and it's cold in his lap as he drops it when the door suddenly opens and super junior -no, just eunhyuk- slips in quietly. 

brian looks up at him and eunhyuk looks down at him and hey, that's the smile he remembers. eunhyuk shifts on the balls of his feet and his fingers are clasped together and he looks embarrassed. 

"brian-shi... brian hyung?" he looks at brian with a question in his eyes and brian nods without really knowing what he's approving, but he doesn't care so much when eunhyuk's smile gets bigger and not so awkward and looking much too adorable than a boy of his age should. 

"brian hyung..." he breathes. he smiles again. "i really really like you hyung. your songs are so heartfelt and your voice is amazing, and i'm really a fan, really." 

brian can't help but smile back in response. "thank you so much." 

eunhyuk let's out a little laugh. "don't thank me like that hyung." 

brian frowns slightly in confusion but he doesn't have the time to ask how to better thank him because somehow he's kissing someone -eunhyuk, it's eunhyuk, keep with the program- and it's the best kiss he's had in years. 

eunhyuk pulls back and although his smile is the same that questions in his eyes again and brian swallows and nods and eunhyuk is all gums before he's sliding to his knees in front of him and it takes only seconds for him to open brian's pants and just a few more seconds before his hands are warm around his cock. 

brian gasps and his hands jerk on the arms of his chair. eunhyuk looks up at him and just smiles, smiles before pulling brian out of his pants and leans down and everyone bursts into flame. 

eunhyuk's mouth is burning hot and brian moans. his head feels too heavy to hold up and he lets it drop. hands close around his own and his fingers are brought to eunhyuk's head and he holds onto hair that falls too quickly out of his grasp. 

it's been years too, since he's had someone else's fingers on him and he can't last long, especially with eunhyuk sucking him down further than brian thought was possible and his fingers teasing against his skin. he cums with a quiet groan and he blinks his eyes and he has to groan again because eunhyuk's swallowing everything

brian thinks that maybe he even blacked out for a second, because when he can think again, eunhyuk has him put together again. 

brian opens his mouth but what exactly do you say in this situation? eunhyuk watches him and grins sweetly and kisses him again, tasting slightly like salt and something darker and sweeter. he doesn't say anything when he pulls away and turns to leave, but he sends brian a grin over his shoulder as he closes the door, and brian finally laughs, all alone in his dressing room. 

when his manager comes to get him, brian is still letting out little giggles.
Tags: fandom: crossover: suju/fly to the sky, pairing: eunhyuk/brian joo
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