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[fic progress + preview] tenative title: the end of the world

my blohyuksu?

i've got 15 pages, times new roman, 12 font, and lots of drama and angst and absolutely no resolutions.


what the hell am i doing?

and i think i don't like my junsu at all. because... because he's new and different and i've only written him ONCE before and ughhh~ so yeah, let me go write some more.



junsu wakes up one day and the sun is shining and the sky is blue and the buildings are standing tall but everything is destroyed. he doesn't know why he runs, but he runs, and he hides, and he clutches his cell phone tight to his chest.

people march in lines and guards hold guns. he watches as a few others make desperate calls and pleads, but he also watches them get caught, and he watches them march along.

junsu doesn't know what's happening, and he doesn't know why, but he knows that they're watching everything, and he knows that he can't call and he can't write and he can not be caught.


tablo knows for weeks what's happening, and he plans and retreats. he tells his friends that he's going on a trip overseas, maybe to korea , because he's started to get interested in his cultural roots. his friends smile and nod and grin, because taking off without a second thought is what tablo does best, after music, of course.

he doesn't build his new home, but it's his, his father's father's father built in on crazy whims and delusions of apocalypse. it's not in the records because of paranoia, and tablo's never been happier. he goes back and forth, back and forth, duffel bags filled with food and clothing and paper and pencils. the first things he arranges are his cd collection and his cd player and his keyboard. he touches his laptop lovingly, but he can't take it, they'll trace it, internet or not.

tablo changes his answering machine -yo, it's tablo, i'm in korea trying to pick up some hot girls, hahaha~ yeah, i should be back in two weeks, leave a message if you think you can wait that long, but don't forget that i might hook up which a chick and never come back!- and it's too easy to sound casual and tablo and he knows the friends that call will never tell the difference.

when people begin to march and no talk no play no love becomes the new national anthem, he's gone.


eunhyuk never had a chance. he didn't know, didn't tell the difference until he looked outside one morning and people are in gray and there's knocking on his door.

he hides in the bathroom and the only thing he can think of do to is call, call eunhyuk because he can't go without a last word.

junsu doesn't answer, his voicemail picks up and he's laughing and eunhyuk hears himself in the background and his heart aches.

"junsu, they're here, you must be hiding, i didn't realize anything was wrong, junsu, i love you, love you, hide-" and they're in his house and eunhyuk throws his phone in the toilet and then he doesn't think about love or music or freedom.


 eunhyuk turns the corner and tablo and junsu are standing in the middle of the hallway.

he wants to laugh at first because everything about this scene is everything he's always dreaded.

tablo's fingers tangle in junsu's hair and junsu's fingers clench against the fabric of tablo's clothes. they kiss so softly it doesn't seem like a kiss, pressed tightly against each other, and eunhyuk doesn't know why he backs up and hides but he does.

"i'm sorry, i'm fucking sorry." tablo's voice is harsh and rough and he pulls away from junsu to lean against the wall and rub his hands over his face.

junsu stands alone in the middle of the hallway and touches his fingers to his lips. "i'm sorry too... i should've never- i love him, but seeing you without me makes my heart break."

tablo sighs and reaches out a hand that seems to be moving against his will. junsu takes it and they stand there, hands clasped. eunhyuk doesn't need to see anymore.

Tags: !fic progress, !preview, fandom: crossover: suju/epik high, ot3: tablo/eunhyuk/junsu
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