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[fic] and that's all that matters baby (making you fall into us)

and that's all that matters baby (making you fall into us)
nc17 - sihan
he leans forward and the slight shift makes hankyung's mouth fall open. "i want to take you apart first."

"love you love you love you."

hankyung says the words in every language he can think of, the ones he's
studied, the one's he's picked up from the other members, from people
walking in the street, and siwon mouths them all back against his skin,
soft and unhurried and perfect.

siwon's hands are steady on hankyung's thighs, his hips, his eyes bright
as he watches hankyung moving, watching his body arch and his muscles
flex and bend as hankyung holds tight onto siwon's shoulders.

he wants to move faster, wants siwon hard and real and bite marks on his
collarbone but siwon doesn't let him, siwon pushes his hips up deep and
slow and hankyung is left with nonsense spilling from his lips.

"love you hyung, love you. have lots of time." siwon catches hankyung's
hands on their way down to grab at his erection and brings them back up to
hold them open against his cheeks. he leans forward and the slight shift
makes hankyung's mouth fall open. "i want to take you apart first."

hankyung makes a sound then, a groan that starts from deep in his chest
and ends in siwon's mouth and makes siwon almost want to abandon his
plan and just give in to the roll of hankyung's hips. but he catches the
look on hankyung's face, dark and needy, wanting wanting, and changes his
mind, because it's been months since they've been able to spend an
entire night together and who knows when they'll have this chance again
with all the promotions, and he wants the images of hankyung broken with
shudders and whimpers to hold him over until he can recreate it again.

"siwon, please-"

"shhh." siwon pulls hankyung's hips down as he raises his own, inch by
inch by inch, and hankyung drops his head to siwon's shoulder with gasps
that damp his skin. siwon lowers his hands, dances them across the skin
of hankyung's navel and brushes slightly through the fine hair on his
skin and dances away when hankyung says something harsh in chinese and
jerks, his head hitting the wall behind them with a small thump. siwon
swallows his own cries as hankyung tightens his body around him, lets
one of hankyung's legs fall from around his waist and pulls the other
higher tighter around him and the change makes hankyung cry out low and
long, something breathtaking and sexy and dirty that siwon hopes he'll
never sing in a recording because he couldn't bear if anyone else heard.

"i hate you, please siwon-" siwon braces a hand under hankyung's
upraised thigh and brings the other one to curl slowly around hankyung's
cock and the slide of skin on skin makes hankyung's breathless pleading
words break into another singsong note, this time high and sweet and
leaked out from between hankyung's clenched teeth. "siwon, god,
please..." and a jumble of chinese words that mean everything and
nothing at all makes siwon's resolve crumble a little faster, even as
he moves just as slow as before, sinks his hips deep into hankyung and
slides his hand even slower over the warm velvet steel of hankyung's

when he blinks, looks up, hankyung is looking back at him, eyes half
closed and unblinking, as dark as his mouth is red and swollen from
kisses that had started even before they had entered the bedroom. siwon
jumps just a little because hankyung is always startling in moments like
this, when he's not sweet and pure, but when he's just a body and a
voice that yearns and needs. siwon brushes his fingers over the tip of
hankyung's erection and touches them to hankyung's face, over his lips,
and watches the shiny streaks catch in the light. hankyung groans and
catches siwon's face in his hands and kisses him hard and fast, pushes
his tongue into his mouth like he wishes siwon would push into his body
and starts a quick sudden rolling his with hips that siwon can't stop,
because they pull him in quicker and faster and he's caught up into
the whirl and falling spiral that's hankyung in his desperation before
he can think twice.

"god, siwon, pleasefuckplease, need you so bad, please-" hankyung's
words fall faster then ever and they take on a ring that siwon's been
waiting for, and siwon puts his hand back up to the wall beside
hankyung's head and gives in, lets hankyung have everything, moves fast
and quick and doesn't give hankyung the chance to even breathe as he
pushes him more and more into the wall and fucks him, doesn't
think about hurting or bruising and lets his fingers sink into the flesh
of hankyung's thigh.

hankyung tangles a hand into siwon's hair and yanks with every upward
thrust and he finally catches the air to start moaning, cussing,
gasping, siwon's name called louder and louder until hankyung turns his
head and bites down on siwon's wrist beside his head. the sharp
honey pain of it makes siwon cry out himself and he imagines what they
would look like if he could see them in a mirror and just the thought of
it shakes him up and he doesn't even have the time to muffle his cry as
he comes fast and blinding and he shakes against hankyung.

hankyung's hips roll and there's a second when hankyung's gasping in air
and then he's tight and burning around siwon and suddenly

siwon holds him close in his own aftershocks and they tremble together,
with hankyung's face buried in siwon's shoulder, his leg finally sliding
from siwon's waist. his knees seem to buckle and siwon holds him up with
arms around his waist and the beds that had been too far away from them
when they'd first crashed into the room is just as far now as they
stumble to fall into they first one they reach (and siwon hopes just briefly that it's

hankyung is soft now, the quiet smile siwon fell in love with, the
almost hesitant touches against his wrist. "i'm sorry i bit you." he
catches the drop of blood that sits on siwon's wrist and rubs it away
between his fingers.

siwon tucks his head under hankyung's chin, wraps his arms around his
waist. "don't be."

and they fall asleep and siwon thinks he has enough memories to last him
a lifetime, even though he'll always want more.

note: found shihanaday because i am SO late in everything
and remembered how much i love these two. like a comeback
performance for my bias.
Tags: fandom: super junior, pairing: hankyung/siwon
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